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Black History Month Project 2/16/2019


Black History Month Project:


Power Point Format

·         Details for Power Point: 6 information slides with bulleted facts about your Historian.

·         Your slides need a picture on each of them- your text OR background can be in color that’s easy to read. Yellows and light greens are hard to read.

·         Slides 1 is an Introduction include your name and your Mathematician’s name which is your topic.

·         Side number 7 needs to be your Reference Slide- it tells where you got your pictures and facts. Slides 2 through 6 are facts with pictures about your topic.

Essay Format

·         Your Heading: Type this in the upper left corner of the page.

·         Center the name of your Historian, which is your topic.

·         Write an Introductory paragraph

·         Make the first sentence an “Attention Getter sentence. By using a famous quote or by asking the reader a question about famous black inventors, educators, artists, etc.

·         Your Introduction paragraph needs to be at least 5 sentences.

·         The last sentence in your Introduction Paragraph is called a thesis statement.

·         A Thesis Statement is a comment you make about the mathematician that facts can support.

·         You are doing only ONE BODY paragraph. This paragraph needs to have 5 fact sentences about your topic.

·         The CONCLUSION paragraph needs to have 3 to 5 summary sentences about your topic.

·         Use Times New Roman, Font size 12, Double Space between the 3 paragraphs, Indent your paragraphs.

Five Paragraph Rubric 11/5/2018

Library Reference Form 3/3/2018
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